AOTW: Solange presents "A Seat at the Table" (2016)

if ever there were a time to be black and proud, now would be the time. there has been a development in the black zeitgeist; and this evolution has been candidly documented in music as of late. Solange chronicles her experience in the form of her most recent work "A Seat at the Table"; an honest expression of black: frustration, magic, and of course- black identity. this lp reminds me how resilient we are. to know, that despite the treachery we face- we maintain the power to manifest all that we feel (whether it be frustration or confusion) into positive vibrations. we still maintain the power to heal despite being harmed. we still transpire, despite being deprived. we still radiate, when they'd like to dull our glow. we are the world. the gods to which they prey. all things are an extension of us, and as long as we not forget our inclination with the true creative force- we could never die. 

please, indulge in the journey that is ASATT- and enchant yourself with the visual treatments for the albums two standout tracks below.

Also, be sure to grab a copy of the lp via mrs. heron's personal site

AOTW: MADVILLIAN presents "madvillainy" (2004)

this week's sonic infatuation comes courtesy of hip hop's dastardly duo in the form of their debut LP "madvillainy". I recently revisited this record, and was bombarded with an overwhelming nostalgia. the walks after school jamming, marveling at the instrumentation. breaking out into fits of  intrigue as i'd dissect doom's wordplay- my head bobbing in trance. i think what i was most enamored by was doom's lyrical whimsy. you could feel the freedom when he spoke. he said what he wanted, in ways that were left of center- and he rocked with it. that freedom is something i needed to reconnect with. the confidence to do you, and trust in your expression; knowing ultimately as long as you're doing what you feel, everything will work in your favor. 

dig two of my favorite cuts below, and be sure to cop the record for yourself:

AOTW: Sampha presents "DUAL-EP" (2013)

This week's sonic infatuation comes courtesy of our favorite turk Sampha with his debut: the DUAL EP. I'm extremely fond of records that have a fluidity to them, and this record is nothing short of seamless. I can start the record at any point, and the pairing of Sampha's soothing vocals and the surrounding melodies provide an infinite sonic journey that's feel like an ethereal experience. 

dig two of my favorite cuts below, and be sure to get yourself a copy here

AOTW: Bas presents "Too High to Riot" (2016)

This weeks sonic infatuation comes courtesy of "Too High to Riot" by Dreamville's own: Bas. There's an awakening of collective black consciousness happening, and this project serves as a recognition of said consciousness- exploring the realms of black identity and personal intent. I'm particularly fond of experiencing works of artists' produced during their respective realizations of self, as their intentions (and most importantly, their sound) can't be seen as anything less than pure. 

dig two of my favorite cuts from the lp below, and be sure to get your hands on a physical copy:

Album of the Week: Snoop Dogg- Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece (2004)

Picking up where "Doggystyle" left off, this LP boasts a fluid marriage between Snoop's defining g-funk aesthetic and the harmonious extraterrestrial grooves of the infamous Neptunes. Harboring plush hits such as "Signs" and "Let's Get Blown", and the all but ubiquitous "Drop It Like It's Hot"- this record marks the beginning of a timeless synergy between our favorite Uncle, and the famed Virginia duo. 

Dig two of my favorite cuts from the LP below:

Album of the Week: Bilal- A Love Surreal (2013)

This week's sonic infatuation comes courtesy of Bilal with his soulful LP "A Love Surreal". Elegantly juxtaposing the grit of crashing drums and electric chord progressions with the softness of R&B, the balance of this seamless record has earned it a permanent spot in rotation. 

Dig two of my favorite cuts from the LP below:


Juxtaposing vibrant hues with the depth of black skin, these photos evoke not only an adoration for our queens of a richer melanin, but an assurance in the beauty and regality of the aforementioned (one which is often misrepresented or missing altogether) in depictions of our women. 

Peep the rest of this brother's work at his website here, and be sure to follow his tumblr for even more phenomenal work. 

Maurizio Di Iorio: the Photographer

 Utilizing a vibrant palette, while repurposing objects underutilized in conventional photography- this cat is beginning to develop scenarios with the unseen.

 you can peep the rest of his work at his website here, and catch some of his work at the Annenberg Space for Photography here in Los Angeles. 

DreamRacer: 1994 Ferrari 512 TR

This fine piece of machinery will soon cool its' engine in my garage. With it's sharp yet smooth contours, the distinct radiator ventilation near the doors, and of course the extendable headlights- this whip hands down holds the title of my favorite Pininfarina design to date. 

(photos courtesy of the good folks at Bold Ride

Album of the Week: Roy Ayers Ubiquity- "Lifeline" (1977)

This week's sonic infatuation comes courtesy of Roy Ayer's Ubiquity with the LP "Lifeline". With a fluid infusion of funk grooves, and R.A.'s ingenious work with the vibraphone- this LP has earned a permanent place in my rotation. 

Peep two of my favorite cuts from the LP below: